Does Not Feel Good Headaches, Aches And Nausea Symptoms Of What Disease?

Hello, yesterday night before going to bed I consumed chocolate milk Ultra Milk Milk before going to sleep (directly). The next day I had a slight headache and there was a feeling of a “pegel I forced school and nausea ” but I couldn’t vomit every time I drank plain water, I was forced because I was afraid of dehydration

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Hello Agung, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

The complaint you mentioned is actually not that specific to diagnose a disease for sure. The complaint you mentioned can be called dyspepsia accompanied by other symptoms such as headache, achy joints. Some possible illnesses that you have are:

Gastric ulcer
Lactose Intolerance

Responding to your statement, regarding the consumption of milk the day before, it is necessary to check first about the expiration date of the milk you consume, the need to remember your stomach condition when consuming milk, the type of milk consumed, and how often symptoms occur when drinking milk.

Diagnosis can be made based on a detailed history, direct physical examination by a doctor, and supporting examinations according to indications such as endoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, blood tests, urea breath test, etc.

Some of the diseases above are not a serious disease if handled properly. Therapies are used with drugs and daily behavior. Both must go hand in hand to cure the disease. For that immediately consult a doctor directly to resolve the problem you are experiencing.

Right now what you can do is:

Get enough rest.
Avoid spicy, coconut milk and sour foods for a while.
Evaluate your complaint.
Avoid smoking and drinking alkhol because it can worsen the damage to your stomach.
Eat regularly and on time. 2-3 times a day with portions and types of healthy food.

That's all my answer, I hope it's always healthy.

Thank you :)

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