Does Orchitis Affect Fertility?

Illustration of Does Orchitis Affect Fertility?
Illustration: Does Orchitis Affect Fertility?

, my sister recently had orchitis, was hospitalized and was given antibiotics. After being treated, my younger brother’s left testicle has been reduced to its original size, but if it is held it hardens and the doctor submits it for surgery (so that the remaining infection is taken, but if during the operation the condition of the testicles is seen to be severe, the testicles will be taken and no longer function the 1 testis TSB) . Is my sister’s orchitis dangerous for fertility and so on? I’m afraid something will happen to my sister …

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Orchitis is an inflammatory condition in the testis. This inflammation is generally caused by a bacterial infection, and causes symptoms such as pain, redness, and swelling of the testicles.
Infection will cause an inflammatory process that can cause residual symptoms after inflammation occurs. We agree with the decision of the doctor in charge of you. If residual symptoms are suspected and the inflammation process is massive, surgery should be performed. In addition to removing the remaining damaged tissue, this action also protects healthy testes from being affected by infected testicles.
As is well known that the testes are the production of sperm cells in men. The quality and quantity of sperm determines fertility in men. You don't need to feel anxious because even if a damaged testicle has to be removed, fertility won't be disturbed if there are still healthy testes. A healthy testicle will continue to produce sperm with good quality too.
Discuss with the surgeon who treats your sister to get more complete and relevant information related to your sister's condition.
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