Does Raising One Eyebrow Cause Widening Of The Eye?

Illustration of Does Raising One Eyebrow Cause Widening Of The Eye?
Illustration: Does Raising One Eyebrow Cause Widening Of The Eye?

Hi, I want to ask … So I have a habit of raising one of my eyebrows, can that cause a widening in my eye? The thing is my eyes are wide one and the other one is a little glazed. Thank you ..

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Hello Baraa, thank you for asking to

The habit of raising one eyebrow does not cause widening of the eyes.

From your information, the presence of wistful eye complaints may be caused by weakness of the eyelid muscles, thus making the eyes appear more wistful / narrow side (in medical terms called ptosis).

Causes of ptosis include:

Congenital abnormalities (from birth) due to problems in the muscles that function in raising the upper eyelid. In 70% of cases it only involves one eye Ptosis due to aging: due to tendons, a network that supports the muscles that work to increase the weakened eyelids. Nerve problems: for example bell's palsy, horner's syndrome (accompanied by small pupillary abnormalities and unable to produce sweat on some faces), brain tumors, strokes, or dilation of arteries in the brain. Infection of the eyelids so that the eyes appear smaller than one side (generally accompanied by redness of the eyelids, itching / sore) Myasthenia gravis: accompanied by symptoms of general progressive muscle weakness (over time getting heavier). Generally ptosis if it already interferes with vision, raises the forehead to lift the eyelids, severe astigmatism (cylinder) occurs or causes squinting (stabismus) action needs to be done namely surgery. Surgery is done by cutting the eye muscles, forming the eyelids, etc.

It is advisable to immediately see an eye doctor. The doctor will examine your vision and evaluate the cause of your ptosis and assess the indication for corrective action.

All of our suggestions and answers, hopefully useful, good afternoon.

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