Does Shortness Of Breath Always Experience Short, Rapid Breathing?

Illustration of Does Shortness Of Breath Always Experience Short, Rapid Breathing?
Illustration: Does Shortness Of Breath Always Experience Short, Rapid Breathing?

Hello, I’m Ratna aged 17 (-) 4 days I often slept on my stomach as a child and rarely exercised. So if the cry is often rich in shortness of breath, but what I read from the article shortness of breath symptoms wheezing. But I did not experience wheezing, it was just sick and like I could only breathe short, it was very difficult to breathe freely. Then I also have bad habits such as sleeping late at night which makes me wake up immediately shocked and like limp at once sometimes accompanied by shortness of breath but not prolonged. Then if I stand too long my whole body is cold and weak until it falls. Because I am worried that this is not a symptom of shortness of breath I do not dare to buy shortness of breath medicine because it does not experience wheezing and must be prescribed by a doctor while I have not been to the doctor at all. If buying a common medicine such as neo napacin is it safe? Then with those characteristics, am I experiencing shortness of breath or not? Thank you🙏🏻

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Good morning Ratna, thank you for asking at Previously, it needed to be understood that shortness of breath was not a disease, but a symptom. Shortness of breath as coughing, sneezing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or difficult bowel movements. Shortness of breath is a condition when we breathe short and fast, because we feel that the air entering the body is not enough. If you feel that way, it means you are indeed experiencing shortness of breath, regardless of what causes it.

Then, if you are definitely experiencing shortness of breath, then the next is to find out the cause. The causes of shortness of breath are very diverse, and are not always related to the lungs. Among others are:

Stomach acid disease
Panic attack
Conversion hysteria
Atopic rhinitis
Lack of red blood cells or anemia

COPD or chronic lung obstruction
Fluid buildup in the lungs
Heart Disorders

And many other causes. We suggest that you check your condition with your doctor for further examination. Wheezing itself is one of the symptoms that accompany accompanying shortness of breath, and is usually found in asthma conditions. Aside from asthma, shortness of breath can occur without wheezing followed. So because there are so many possibilities, we feel it's very important for you to see yourself directly to the doctor. Thus, misunderstandings can be avoided and appropriate treatment can be given immediately.

As for prone sleeping habits when small and rarely exercise, it has nothing to do with the occurrence of shortness of breath. Then for the drug you mentioned, you may take it, but pay close attention to the rules of use. If your symptoms do not improve, see a doctor immediately. Meanwhile, avoid cigarette smoke, maintain ideal body weight, and exercise regularly. So, hopefully answering your question.

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