Does Stomach Acid Can Cause Difficult Bowel Movements?

Illustration of Does Stomach Acid Can Cause Difficult Bowel Movements?
Illustration: Does Stomach Acid Can Cause Difficult Bowel Movements?

Assalammualaikum Hello doctor. I want to ask? Does the disease of cold feet and sweaty hands spread stomach acid disease, constipation, weakness? I have had cold feet and sweaty hands since I was born. The point. Does stomach acid disease have difficulty defecating (constipation) and the spine hurts ??

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Good evening Amir, thank you for asking on the service.

Stomach is one of the important digestive organs, after food is processed mechanically and chemically in the mouth, the next chemical process will occur in the stomach. Stomach ailments basically have a variety, people generally often say stomach pain / stomach acid pain / stomach ulcers. But it is necessary to know in advance about the types of diseases of the stomach, including:
- Gastritis, is inflammation of the stomach because stomach acid damages the lining of the stomach wall so that it can cause pain, vomiting, nausea, and easily feel full. But sometimes gastritis does not cause any symptoms. The reason for this is partly due to excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks and caffeine, stress, or due to side effects of drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin.

- GERD (Gastroesofageal Reflux Disease) is a disease where stomach acid will go up into the esophagus or esophagus causing irritation. Patients will generally feel bloated, feel acid in the oral cavity, and pain or heat in the chest and throat, belching and difficulty swallowing food. Risk factors for GERD include the consumption habits of alcohol, tea, coffee, smoking, lying down directly / sleeping after eating, and excess BB.

- Gastric ulcer, is a wound found in the stomach wall due to erosion of the stomach lining. The most common cause is infection with H. pylori bacteria and long-term consumption of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

- dyspepsia. Dyspepsia is a collection of symptoms due to diseases of the upper abdomen, some of the symptoms that can arise include easily satiety, discomfort in the stomach, pain in the pit of the stomach, nausea, bloating, and feeling hot in the stomach. Generally this is related to other diseases such as peptic ulcers, gastritis, and gastric cancer. But sometimes it can also arise as a condition without a specific disease, this is also called functional dyspepsia.

Stomach cancer. This happens when cells in the stomach turn into malignant cells / cancer cells that form in the stomach lining. This usually occurs slowly over several years. Several factors can increase the risk of this disease including: H. pylori bacterial infection, smoking, obesity, age> 55 years, etc.

And for complaints of constipation or constipation that you experience, it can be caused by the following things:
- daily food patterns and lifestyle. Lack of fibrous food, water intake and eating too much fast food can cause bowel movements not smooth, besides the lack of physical activity can also cause a decrease in bowel movements so that digestion is also not smooth. Foods that can cause poor digestion include processed milk products, foods high in fat and sugar, as well as caffeinated drinks and alcohol.
- Consumption of certain drugs. If you are taking drugs such as diuretic, antacid, antidepressant, anticonvulsant, antihypertensive drugs, and supplements such as iron can also cause difficulty in bowel movements. In addition, if previously you often consume laxatives can also affect the pattern of bowel movements.
- Having certain health conditions, such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), stroke, colon cancer, diabetes, hypothyroidism, nerve bone injuries can also affect non-current bowel movements.

To ascertain whether your disease is interconnected or not, it is necessary to have a direct examination by a doctor and to explore more detailed problems. For that you can consult with a specialist in internal medicine related to digestive complaints that you experience.

For complaints related to pain in the spine can be caused by various factors such as the presence of pinched nerves, whether you have had a history of previous trauma or not, or from the habit of posture when sitting, standing and doing activities can also affect the spine especially if you have habit patterns bad attitude like habit of bowing, stooping, etc. You can also consult this matter with your doctor to find out the cause.

Thus the information that we can convey, may be useful.

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