Does Stomach Acid Include An Allergic Reaction?

Illustration of Does Stomach Acid Include An Allergic Reaction?
Illustration: Does Stomach Acid Include An Allergic Reaction?

Hello, I want to ask, I am indeed allergic to foods such as crab shrimp, lobster, and the like. Usually I feel a reaction in the form of itchiness. Previously a few years ago I ate crab and my stomach ached around my upper abdomen like an org, now I only eat rebon shrimp and the reaction is the same. Does that include my allergic reaction? Or because of something else? Thank you in advance …

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Hi Qarina,

Thank you for asking

Allergies occur when the body experiences excessive sensitivity (hypersensitivity) addressing the entry of a substance that is considered dangerous, when in fact it is not. As a result of this hypersensitivity, the body will release various chemical mediators into the blood which contribute to the appearance of allergic symptoms.

Allergy symptoms can not only appear limited to the skin, which is in the form of skin that feels itchy, reddish spots, swelling, bumps, or even swelling. Other organ systems can also show symptoms of allergies, including the digestive system. Symptoms of allergies in the digestive system can vary from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain or twisting, bloating, and so on. Perhaps, this condition triggers your complaint.

However, in addition to food allergies, there may also be pain and twisting in the stomach that you experience due to other causes, for example dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), gastroenteritis (digestive infections), intolerance, malabsorption, poisoning, intestinal inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, urinary tract infections or stones, pre menstrual syndrome, endometriosis, our ovaries, and so on.

To be clear about the cause of your complaint, you consult yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine. If it is true that your complaint arises due to food allergies, complaints will generally improve enough to avoid triggering food allergies and administering several types of drugs.

At this time, you can also do the following steps:

Don't consume foods that might cause you to be allergic
Compress the stomach that meilitates and aches with warm water
Use comfortable clothes and pants
Not always consume excessive food that is too spicy, sour, bersantan, fried foods
Stay away from excessive caffeine
Not too tired of activities
Regular exercise
Do not carelessly consume drugs

Hope this helps ...

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