Does Stomach Pain And Colds Hurt?

Illustration of Does Stomach Pain And Colds Hurt?
Illustration: Does Stomach Pain And Colds Hurt?

Good night. My father experienced abdominal pain / colds in sitting. What should I do ?? Is it dangerous?

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Need to be clarified, what is the exact complaint that your father experienced?

Abdominal pain, colds, and seated wind are 3 different conditions.

Abdominal pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including digestive tract disorders (eg infection, poisoning, intolerance, malabsorption, peritonitis, inflammation of the intestine, hernia), urinary tract disorders (eg stones, infections), disorders of the reproductive tract (eg prostatitis, varicoceles, epididymitis , orchitis), psychosomatic disorders, disorders of muscles, skin, and supporting tissues, and so on.

Common colds are not a standard term in the medical realm. Even so, the term is often used by ordinary people to describe a set of complaints, namely in the form of dizziness, headache, bloating, nausea, frequent belching, muscle and joint pain, chills, reduced appetite, and so on. These complaints can occur due to psychosomatic disorders, for example when you are experiencing stress, anxiety, or excessive panic. It could also be, these complaints are caused by dyspepsia, indigestion (as mentioned above), and so on.

Meanwhile, sitting wind is a condition in which coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply the heart muscle with oxygen and nutrients are narrowed. This condition is often characterized by discomfort in the left chest, can be tight, depressed, such as squeezing, pain, prop, and so on. These complaints will generally appear accompanied by cold sweat, fatigue, blurred vision, nausea, and can even lead to decreased consciousness and lead to death. Complaints due to the typical sitting wind will worsen with activity and improve with rest.

Whether or not your father's condition is dangerous depends on what causes it. Frequently, if the complaint only arises due to a cold, this condition is not dangerous. However, the conditions can be different if he experiences abdominal pain let alone sitting wind.

Therefore, the best step you need to do at this time is, consult your father directly to the doctor or specialist in internal medicine so that complaints can be diagnosed and treated properly according to the cause, yes. Not just a normal physical examination, several types of other supporting tests, such as heart record, x-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy, etc. can also be done by a doctor to make sure the best steps that need to be done.

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