Does The Body Feel Bad, Runny Nose, Phlegm Or Phlegm?

Illustration of Does The Body Feel Bad, Runny Nose, Phlegm Or Phlegm?
Illustration: Does The Body Feel Bad, Runny Nose, Phlegm Or Phlegm?

Hello doc, I haven’t been feeling well lately. my body is rather hot, then I have a cold and there is a reaction in my throat, but I have no chest pain and no dizziness / bloody cough. Am I identified corona / not dock?

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Hello, thank you for asking

You need to know, there are 3 main symptoms of corona virus infection, namely:

- fever

- Hard to breathe

- cough

In addition, complaints such as: muscle aches, headaches, sore throats, colds, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. While in the common cold, generally will cause symptoms such as the following:

- sneezing
- Nasal congestion and runny
- Sore throat
- mild headache
- cough
- Fever (rare)

In general, symptoms of the common cold can heal itself within 4-9 days. The better your body's resistance, the faster it will heal.

Based on your complaints, you do not have 3 main symptoms of the corona virus, but you can check the risk of whether you are infected with the corona virus or not on the following link: CHECK RISK INFECTED BY VIRUS VIRUS

You should do some of this at home to help resolve your complaints: adequate rest, avoid being close to people who are sick with respiratory tract, consumption of nutritious food, multiply consumption of water, consumption of vitamin supplements, consumption of warm drinks, manage stress well, and use a mask if you leave the house.

> Avoid leaving the house except for important and urgent matters. Stay at home Avoid the crowd to prevent transmission of the corona virus. Routine hand washing. Take care of your body's endurance and your family.

Learn more about the following corona virus: VIRUS CORONA

Thank you, hope that helps.

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