Does The Fever Go Down And The Itchy Throat Appears, Including The Sign Of Covid-19

Illustration of Does The Fever Go Down And The Itchy Throat Appears, Including The Sign Of Covid-19
Illustration: Does The Fever Go Down And The Itchy Throat Appears, Including The Sign Of Covid-19

Hello this doc, I’m Romero, yesterday my heat went down, I kept going up again because I drank a cold drink after many hours of heat gone naturally when it appeared an itchy throat – was that a sign of Corona’s disease?

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The presence of complaints of the throat feels itchy, and fever up and down, especially after drinking cold, and subsequently fever or your body heat down naturally, then this condition is probably not a typical symptom of Covid-19 infection. This is reinforced if you have not traveled to the risk area in the last 14 and or contact with Covid patients. Thus, complaints of fever up and down and itchy throat can be caused by other medical conditions.

Related to the possibility of Covid-19 virus infection, where several symptoms and risk factors that need attention are:

Cough / sore throat
Fever> 38 degrees celsius
The cause of pain does not currently know the exact cause
Shortness of breath that is unusual
There is a previous history, which is the last 14 days ever contact with a suspicious patient Covid-19 or a positive patient Covid-19
The previous history, which is the last 14 days have traveled far or out of town / abroad where the area is a local transmission area that has been determined by the Ministry of Health or an authorized organization

So, based on these indicators, where you do not feel any complaints of coughing, tightness, and not having contact with Covid patients and traveling to the local transmission area according to data from the Ministry of Health, then the complaints you feel do not lead to Covid-19 infection. The existence of an itchy throat after you drink cold is also a reinforcement of the complaints you feel.

A history of complaints that you just felt starting one day may be preceded by physical fatigue or due to lack of sleep that causes stamina and your endurance decreases. So trying to recover physical and stamina by means of a proper rest will help your health recovery.

Apart from strep throat, several other medical conditions can also cause complaints that are almost the same, such as

GERD or gastric acid rise to the esophagus
Digestive infections
Other infections, such as dengue fever, typhus

Because some of these medical conditions can trigger complaints that are almost the same as you feel, these complaints do require direct examination by your family doctor. The doctor will carry out checks and treatments to ascertain the cause of this complaint and help your recovery. Because the current condition is still under the watchfulness of Corona infection, you should communicate and consult via telephone and or online, unless your doctor asks you to come directly to meet in person. Further treatment and treatment recommendations will be given by your doctor.

Furthermore, if you still have a fever, and your body is still uncomfortable; and to prevent transmission of infection when your body is still unhealthy and while the Covid vigilance is still high, even though the possibility of a Covid infection is small you are currently meeting, you still need to pay attention to several things, such as:

Inadequate intake of nutritious foods and adequate fluids
Avoid sleeping late
Staying at home to restore stamina and endurance
Do social distancing
Avoid physical fatigue
Avoid activities outside the home, so stay quiet at home until your condition improves and the area around you declared safe
Get into the habit of doing good personal hygiene such as bathing, washing your hands regularly, and using a mask if you cough even at home
Use hand sanitizer as a second prevention, especially if it is difficult to find soap and water
Avoid or limit spicy foods, fried foods, greasy foods, instant foods or foods that are less clean
Do light exercise on the yard
You can also bask in the sun to help increase your immunity
If complaints increase and are accompanied by complaints of cough, fever more than 38 degrees celsius and / or shortness of breath, immediately go to the provincial hospital or city hospital where you live or call 119

So that you remain alert to the condition and risk of Covid-19 infection, but you will continue to make this effort in a reasonable effort and your health condition will also continue to recover.

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