Does The Metal That Doesn’t Stick To The Skin Affect The X-rays?

Illustration of Does The Metal That Doesn’t Stick To The Skin Affect The X-rays?
Illustration: Does The Metal That Doesn’t Stick To The Skin Affect The X-rays?

Excuse me, I want to ask. Earlier I finished x-ray, when I finished my x-ray I used a strappy ID Card. Behind the ID Card, I gave a kind of plastic to put the cutter. Will the cutter affect my x-ray results?

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X-ray examination, or commonly known as X-rays, has various benefits in the health sector, including monitoring the condition of the bones, soft tissues, and also the internal organs they contain. Various types of diseases, such as fractures, infections, malignancy, inflammation, and so on, can be detected through this examination.

X-rays are carried out using X-rays, which are a type of light radiation that has a wavelength shorter than visible light. These X rays are capable of passing through non-metallic objects, including tissues and organs in the human body. To produce an image, the X-ray machine produces a beam of electrons onto a metal film. The rays then travel through the air until they enter and make contact with body tissues. Soft tissues, for example skin and body organs are not able to absorb high energy from X dinar, so the rays will pass through them. However, denser and denser materials, such as bones, can absorb X-ray radiation so that various abnormalities, such as fractures, can be easily detected through this examination.

Several procedures must be considered before undergoing an X-ray examination. One of them is, you have to remove any metal-based objects that stick to your body, including jewelry or other metals. This is because metal can block the penetration of X rays into the body so that it can affect the results of the examination. If the metal size is small, and only covers very little of the field of X-ray examination, it is possible that the results of the examination can still be interpreted. However, if the metal size is large enough, and covers the field of examination significantly, it is best if the X-ray examination is repeated.

Does your ID card or cutter strap contain metal material? How big is the size? And what x-rays did you undergo? What is a chest x-ray?

Our advice is that you consult a radiologist who will examine you. Bring along the object that you fear contains the metal so that the doctor can evaluate, is there any possibility that the object will affect the results of the X-ray examination you are undergoing, or not.

I hope this helps.

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