Does The Night Wind Cause Pneumothorax?

Illustration of Does The Night Wind Cause Pneumothorax?
Illustration: Does The Night Wind Cause Pneumothorax?

Hello, I want to ask if a person who is often exposed to the night wind can get pneumothorax too? If he feels pain in the left chest and back chest right in the middle.

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Hello Ismi

The medical term pneumothorax is used to describe conditions where there is air in the pleural cavity, the pleural cavity should not have any air. Pleural cavity itself is a thin cavity consisting of two membranes where one attaches to the lung and the other attaches to the chest wall. The condition of pneumothorax can occur due to trauma / injury so that the lung wall or chest wall may experience a tear.

Then what are the trauma that can cause air to enter the pleural cavity? the answer is direct injury to the chest (for example an accident, a hard blow to the chest wall, falls from a height, etc.), lung disease that can cause lung tissue to become damaged (eg COPD, cystic fibrosis, and lung infection), the presence of a tumor / cancer in the lungs or chest wall.

In addition to the above conditions, the possibility of pneumothorax will be greater in men, those who meorkok, aged 20-40 years, and have a history of having experienced pneumothorax before.

Exposure to wind at night, such as driving a motorcycle, using a fan, or being in a windy place does not directly cause pneumothorax as long as the condition of the chest wall and lung tissue is in good condition.

The symptoms in the form of pain in the left chest and middle back of the chest have not specifically led to the pneumothorax condition, besides that pneumothroax is a serious medical condition that needs proper treatment so it does not develop into more severe. Complaints like Ismi convey can also occur due to chest muscle pain (due to fatigue), neck pain, heartburn, heart disease, and many other considerations. Therefore, ISMI is advised to consult a doctor directly, so the doctor can ascertain the actual condition of ISMI.

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