Does The Uterus Are Too Deep To Make It Difficult To Get Pregnant?

Illustration of Does The Uterus Are Too Deep To Make It Difficult To Get Pregnant?
Illustration: Does The Uterus Are Too Deep To Make It Difficult To Get Pregnant?

I have been married for 3 years but have not had any children, I have checked the womb to the SPOG, the results are fine, last I went to the dukun beranak. thank you for the enlightenment

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Good evening, thanks for asking at In the medical world, there is no term uterus that is too deep. The position of the uterus in each woman is more or less the same, and when it has been examined by a gynecologist and said to be normal, it is a sign that there are no abnormalities in the position that can hinder the meeting of the egg and sperm to later make pregnancy possible. In this case, we think it would be better if you ask yourself what is meant by the uterus is too deep along with the explanation to avoid misunderstanding.

Medically, the definition of infertility is when a husband and wife do not have children even though they have unprotected sexual relations, with a fairly frequent frequency (min. 3-4 times a week) for a year. So for couples who have only been married for 10 months, for example, they still cannot be considered infertile even though they do not have children. If it's been a year then it is included in the barren category. With your condition that has been 3 years, you may be included in this category.

What you need to understand, your difficulties to have offspring can occur because of several things, including:

Abnormalities in the structure of the female organs
Egg cell abnormalities
Sperm cell abnormalities
Abnormalities in the structure of male reproductive organs
Immune system disorders, for example in the presence of antisperm antibodies
Hormonal disorders

So among those that must be ensured now is how far your obstetrician has examined you. You need to make sure by asking it again about what it says 'fine' whether it's just the structure of the female organs, just the hormonal balance, just the egg or all. If everything is normal, the next step is to have your husband consult a urologist or an andrologist. Your husband's doctor will later examine to determine the quality and quantity of sperm, and assess whether there are abnormalities in the structure of the reproductive organs that can complicate pregnancy. From this, we will find out what treatment options are right for you and your husband, such as IVF or artificial insemination.

Meanwhile, keep thinking positive, avoid cigarette smoke, manage stress, maintain ideal body weight, frequent sexual intercourse during fertility, adequate rest, and multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables. So, hopefully answering your question.

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