Does This Include Anxiety?

Illustration of Does This Include Anxiety?
Illustration: Does This Include Anxiety?

It’s been over a year since you started working on your final project. I often feel depressed, suddenly cry, shut myself in my room, do not want to meet other people but when going to meet other people panicked in fear. thinking too much about negative possibilities when not necessarily going on, insomnia, no appetite, vomiting more often at night, not wanting to seek help for all the problems that I normally just buried. I think crying may be able to reduce the burden that I feel this, but not at all. I let it probably take a long time to get better, when it feels better but still not. Now I start to avoid people who used to be close to me like friends, family. I was afraid to meet all of them, afraid of what he would ask. Is this classified as anxiety?

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Hello Lulu'ul,

Thank you for the question.

The emergence of various negative feelings such as depression, crying without cause, fond of shutting down, afraid of meeting other people, causing sleeplessness, no appetite, and vomiting, most likely indicates that you are experiencing psychiatric disorders. Some examples of psychiatric disorders that can cause clinical symptoms as you experience are depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, delusional disorders, cyclotymic disorders, bipolar disorder, excessive anxiety disorders, social phobia, psychosomatic disorders, schizoaffective disorders, even schizophrenia. Depending on its severity and its impact on your self-functioning and quality of life, this condition can be treated in a variety of ways, there is sufficient counseling, psychotherapy, or given drugs and various other therapeutic modalities.

We suggest, before your complaint gets worse, first try the following efforts:

Change your lifestyle to be healthier, starting from sleeping and getting up regularly, exercising every day, do not like to delay eating, stay away from cigarettes and drugs, do not also consume alcohol, do not also drink excessive caffeinated drinks
Limit daydreaming and daydreaming
Improve your relationship with family and relatives
Busy your days with productive activities at home, including studying, reading, doing hobbies, exercising
Expand relaxation, such as with yoga, meditation, worship, gather with family
If there is a problem, don't just bury it yourself or think it too complicated, focus on finding a solution, discuss with others who you feel can help you find a solution, solve the problem with your best ability then leave the results to God Almighty

As long as you can still control your complaints, you can still carry out your activities and carry out your personal functions as usual, there is no desire to hurt yourself or others, and as long as your environment can still support you, it seems that your condition is not dangerous and there is no need to hurry rush to see a doctor. Staying at home is probably better for you considering the outbreak of COVID-19 (a disease caused by Corona virus infection) that is spreading lately. But on the contrary, if you feel your complaints are getting worse and are not improving with the steps above, you can consult directly with your doctor or psychiatrist so that the right solution is found ..

I hope this helps.

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