Does Urinary Tract Infections Affect The Results Of Medical Check-ups?

Hello, does ISK affect the results of a particular company MCU?

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Hello Candra,

Thank you for the question.

MCU (medical check-up) can be carried out by various institutions with various objectives, and of course also various ways of examination. Therefore, before answering your question, it needs to be clarified first, what exactly is the MCU intended? What company is the organizer? And what is the purpose of doing?

UTI (urinary tract infection) clinically often does not show typical symptoms. Although, in some cases, this condition can also make the sufferer experience a little but frequent urination, feel pain, accompanied by urine that smells pungent, dark, or even contains blood. UTIs also often cause low back pain, fever, muscle and joint pain, nausea, vomiting, chills, and many other complaints. However, the diagnosis of UTI is not enough just to refer to the clinical symptoms that arise alone. Urine, blood, ultrasound, or other supporting tests sometimes also need to be done.

UTIs can be detected during the MCU if you undergo the above examinations, so that will certainly also affect the results. However, whether this UTI can later influence the follow-up of the MCU, for example whether later you will be accepted to join the company or not, of course the answer may differ depending on the policies of the company that organized it. So, the one that is more appropriate to answer your question is of course the human resources (HRD) in the company that is doing the MCU.

I hope this helps.

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