Does Weight Affect Penis Size?

Illustration of Does Weight Affect Penis Size?
Illustration: Does Weight Affect Penis Size?

Hello, I am 19 years old, height 171, with a body weight of around 90 kg. Here, since I was a child, the shape of my penis was relatively small, below the average normal Indonesian community. My parents said, it was due to the weight factor because I was fat even when I was small. My question is, if I lose weight, will my penis stay at its current size, or change according to my weight and body size?

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at First, it is important to know in advance how normal penis length is and how not. Normal penis for Indonesians, is if measured when an erection, the length reaches approximately 11 to 18 cm, and which reaches more than 16 cm is actually not as much as you think. The penis is said to be too small, or the term is called micropenis, is that when erect, the length is only about 7.5 cm or less.

This micropenis condition is caused by hormonal disorders or genetic disorders that have generally occurred since they were still in the form of a fetus, so that it cannot be avoided and the trigger is unknown until now. Conversely, a normal or even long penis is not the result of a particular effort, but indeed it happens. All attempts at lengthening and enlargement of the penis that have existed so far have caused more harm to the man himself than to truly provide the benefits he has promised. Therefore regarding your question, your penis size will not change even though your weight is ideal, or even thin.

However, that does not mean weight has nothing to do with penis size. In people who tend to be fat, the pile of fat in the stomach and groin makes the penis 'buried' and seems to be shorter than it should be, even though the original penis is longer than that. So that obese people who go on a diet and achieve ideal body weight and succeed in reducing belly fat, will feel that his penis is 'getting longer', even though the reality is not. He only got rid of some of the belly fat and thighs that had covered his penis all this time.

So, even though it doesn't actually increase penis length, our advice is that you should still strive to have an ideal body weight, because in addition to making you look more attractive, it will also keep you away from various diseases in the future, such as diabetes, obesity, cholesterol and so on.

If it turns out that what you experience is indeed micropenis, you should check yourself with an andrologist or urologist. So, hopefully answering your question.

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