Does Your Throat Feel Bad, Is It Corona Virus?

Doc, I want to ask, a few days ago I knew that my throat was not good, when I was doing nothing, it felt uncomfortable, but when I was invited to do the activity, it didn’t feel bad, but from last night my throat felt worse than before. Is this one of the corona viruses? and how to overcome it? related to taste bad taste my throat I can not explain, rather to rather difficult to swallow and as it feels a bit itchy for now, it happened last night. please tell the doc, so that it can be handled immediately if this is a corona virus symptom, what should I do to find out if this is a corona virus or not?

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Hello Fadliatun,

Thank you for the question.

Discomfort in the throat, which is itching and difficulty swallowing, can indeed be part of the symptoms of COVID-19, which is a disease caused by a new Corona virus infection. Not only that, COVID-19 generally will also make sufferers feel fever, muscle and joint pain, decreased appetite, coughing, shortness of breath, nausea, and many other complaints. But of course, not all of the above complaints appear with the same intensity in patients with COVID-19. Many also found sufferers of COVID-19 who did not show any clinical symptoms.

In addition to COVID-19, there are many other conditions that can also trigger discomfort in your throat like you experience, for example viral or other bacterial infections, dry throat, allergies, gastric acid reflux, smoking habits, drug effects, excessive vocal cord strain psychic disorders, and so on.

If your complaint is mild, and you do not have COVID-19 risk factors (such as traveling to a COVID-19 outbreak area, contacting people who have gone to the COVID-19 outbreak area, or contacting COVID-19 sufferers themselves, it is likely You can get this disease quite small, first try to relieve your complaints by:

Get more rest
Don't talk anymore nor shout too much
Limit consumption of oily foods and cold drinks
Don't also do activities outside the home, unless it's urgent
Eat a variety of balanced nutritious foods, berkuah, and fruits that are rich in vitamin C
Drink plenty of warm water
Stay away from cigarettes, dust, smoke, cold, pollution, and other substances that are prone to trigger discomfort in the throat
Do not carelessly exchange eating utensils, drinks and any personal items with others
Do not smoke
Discipline to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle every day

Your condition should be examined directly by a doctor or ENT doctor if within 1-3 days does not improve with the above efforts, if symptoms appear to lead to COVID-19 (as mentioned above), or if you have a risk factor for COVID-19 (as mentioned above). That way, of course the doctor can tell you the best treatment advice.

Hope this helps ...

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