Doesn’t Everyone Have A Column?

Illustration of Doesn’t Everyone Have A Column?
Illustration: Doesn’t Everyone Have A Column?

doctor, I feel my nose has no lower nasal bone (columnum)

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Hello No,

Thank you for the question.

Columella (kolumela) is a cartilage and skin bulkhead that limits the right and left nasal cavities. Each individual can have a variety of shapes and sizes of columns, and there are even individuals who do not have a column at all, for example in patients with nasal, lip, or cleft palate.

Need to be clarified, what is the exact condition of your nose? Is there absolutely no boundary between your right and left nasal cavity? Or does it actually exist, but it doesn't seem as obvious as most others? Does this cause certain complaints to you, such as breathing disorders, disturbance, easy entry of foreign objects, and so on?

Some people have columella, it's just that the position is pulled up so it is not easily visible (retracted columella). This condition can occur as part of normal anatomic variations, side effects of nasal surgery, congenital defects, trauma around the nose, or erosion due to inflammation and chronic infections. As long as this condition does not interfere, and also does not cause complaints, often this condition is not dangerous, and does not need to also get special treatment. However, if you feel very disturbed by this condition, it does not hurt you to consult further with your doctor or plastic surgeon so that further treatment is given ..

I hope this helps.

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