Don’t Like To Hear Noise

Illustration of Don’t Like To Hear Noise
Illustration: Don’t Like To Hear Noise

I was not like this before, now I am very stressed to hear the sound of footsteps, kids no matter what it feels like I’m just going crazy. So I used the headshet and the full voice played murottal. Sleeping is a bit difficult if you don’t use a headset. If you see a lot of people, I immediately ran away not strong, it was difficult to talk because it was not strong with people’s voices. Don’t tell me that?

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Hello Nurhidayat,

Thank you for the question.

The condition in which you are disturbed by noise and certain other sounds such as footsteps, people's speech, etc. is a condition that is often referred to as misophonia. The sounds that are actually not disturbing for the layman, such as the sound of breathing, the sound of steps, the sound of speech, can trigger reaction or fight or a person's body's defense response when getting stimuli from outside which the body considers to be a threat / stress, so the body activates the nervous system and hormones that cause symptoms, such as the discomfort you feel.

This condition is still not known with certainty the cause. You can overcome this by using earmuffs or by continuing to listen to music with earmuffs, try relaxation techniques when you accidentally hear a noise that bothers you such as taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly, and focusing your mind on other things that are more useful. But if this condition makes you panic or worry too much, stress, or even depression, you can try to ask for professional help.

Hopefully this information can help.


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