Dosage Of Consumption Of Herbal Medicines?

Illustration of Dosage Of Consumption Of Herbal Medicines?
Illustration: Dosage Of Consumption Of Herbal Medicines?

want to ask to take the menstrual smoothing m-capsule right twice a day @ 2 capsules that means to take 2 capsules or 1 capsule per capsule twice a day?

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EM-Capsules medicine is an herbal medicine that works to help smooth the menstruation whose main composition is aniseed plant extract, anise plant extract, turmeric extract, and also black pepper extract.

If you follow the instructions stated on the package, the recommended use is to take 2x a day with each time you take 2 capsules (for example, in one day you take medicine for the morning 2 capsules - 2 capsules at night), so in total you will consume 4 capsules in one day.

Although this drug is useful for smoothing menstruation, it is still recommended for use as directed by your doctor. If you are going to use it but have not consulted a doctor, you should consult with your doctor first so that you can assess whether you need the drug or not.

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