Dosage Of Drug Use Given By An Obstetrician?

Illustration of Dosage Of Drug Use Given By An Obstetrician?
Illustration: Dosage Of Drug Use Given By An Obstetrician?

In the afternoon, I want to ask that I am positively pregnant 6 weeks of my second child at the same time as my first child 10 years and I have not had a KB since my child entered kindergarten … and recently I am pregnant with my second child … d USG results are good … but I give duphaston medicine d drink 2x a day … for 10 HR … but kmrin I bought a lot of HBS dispensaries there is one pharmacy selling only 13bj must be prescribed 20 bj’s doctor. my question may I drink only HBS 13 that’s aj..and I continued until 20 bj (10hr) … the thing is that the condition is pretty good ..

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The drug you mentioned above contains dydrogesterone of 10. Dydrogesterone itself is a synthetic progesterone which is similar to natural progesterone in a woman's body, functioning to reduce the risk of miscarriage.

For the dosage for use in accordance with the advice given by your obstetrician after your thorough examination. If you do not get the number of drugs as prescribed when buying at a pharmacy, it is better to contact the specialist doctor again. However, considering the Corona virus infection outbreak, it helps you stay at home and consult your doctor via telephone if there are no emergency complaints such as vomiting, bleeding, fetal movements are not felt, high blood pressure, and others.

Also note the side effects of the drug:

 Nausea Vomiting Dizziness Allergies If there are side effects of drugs that interfere with immediately contact your doctor.

For now, maintaining the health of your uterus is important. Some things you can do:

 Consumption of healthy and nutritious food Enough drinking water and rest Avoid foods that are not cooked Consumption of iron tablets and folic acid Routine control of the content in accordance with the agreement and schedule specified

So, hopefully useful. Stay healthy.

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