Dosage Of Urinary Tract Infections For Children?

Illustration of Dosage Of Urinary Tract Infections For Children?
Illustration: Dosage Of Urinary Tract Infections For Children?

Good night, I want to ask the dose of the drug Superbiotic Super Tetra Soft capsules for urinary tract infections, I have often experienced UTI and got the same medicine. how long is the minimum limit u0026amp; the maximum use of super tetra for the treatment of UTI? thanks.

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Hi Vivi,

Thank you for the question.

UTI (urinary tract infection) can have various clinical symptoms, such as pain when urinating, urination often and not smooth, stinging smell and cloudy color, fever, muscle and joint pain, nausea, fatigue, and so on. These symptoms can be similar to many other diseases, for example cystitis, bladder stones, diabetes, pre menstrual syndrome, early signs of pregnancy, excessive anxiety disorders, the influence of drugs, bladder cancer, kidney disorders, and so on. Although the symptoms are similar, of course the handling of various conditions can not be generalized.

UTI occurs mainly due to an increase in bacteria from the genitals and anus to the urinary tract. Therefore, the main treatment for UTI is done by administering antibiotics. Other medicines can also be given by doctors to relieve inflammation, minimize symptoms, and speed up recovery of the sufferer. However, as we have mentioned above, if other causes of your complaint, of course the handling will also be different.

Therefore, even though you have experienced frequent UTI symptoms, you should not take drugs first, especially those that are not over-the-counter drugs, such as antibiotics. Because, it could be, even though the symptoms are similar, not necessarily your current condition is really caused by a UTI.

More precisely, first overcome your complaints by drinking lots of water (minimum of 2-3 liters a day), do not yet drink caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, do not like to hold back urination, improve the cleanliness of sex organs, do not have risky sex, regular breaks, and don't worry or stress too much.

If your complaint has not improved with the steps above, or if you have a fever for more than 3 days, bloody urine, vomiting, severe back pain, chills, and other complaints that are more severe, immediately consult your doctor to be treated further yes ... Maybe, the doctor will refer you to a doctor of internal medicine or direct you to undergo a urine test, blood test, x-rays, ultrasound, and other supporting tests as needed.

Hope this helps ...

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