Doses Of Drinking Ginger For Stomach Acid

mlm doc, I have a stomach acid disease if my neck has been relapsed, I feel sick, my chest hurts, I have also been treated for 3 months and then I will prescribe the medicine: omeprazole, domperidone, smral sucralfate After changing it, I just want to try herbal medicine, I want to try drinking ginger … I want to drink the ginger dosage a day, how many times should I drink it ???

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Good morning, thanks for asking at As one of the typical Indonesian herbal plants, ginger is often used as a basic ingredient of herbal medicines to deal with various conditions, ranging from increasing appetite, overcoming disorders of the gallbladder, helping to overcome liver disease, and various problems with digestion.

Regarding your question, unfortunately information about temulawak remains to be explored further. The benefits mentioned are still not all proven by research, and neither does the dosage. It is still unknown how many doses of ginger consumption are recommended not to cause adverse effects on health. Because, there are groups of people who are not recommended to consume temulawak, namely pregnant and nursing women. In addition, ginger is also not recommended for consumption in the long term, with a maximum of 18 weeks so as not to cause irritation to the stomach.

So our advice, if you want to consume temulawak, try to consume only low doses, which are not too thick, and not too often, because each person can show different sensitivity. As for your stomach acid disease that often recurs, try to be evaluated again, whether you have avoided various triggers or not, such as eating spicy, sour, oily, fatty and fatty foods, coffee and chocolate consumption, late eating, stress, smoking, lying down immediately after eating, and have excess weight. If you still have these factors, the symptoms will continue to return. So in addition to taking drugs and ginger, you should also avoid these factors to ensure there is no recurrence. So, hopefully answering your question.

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