Doses Of Fever Medication For Babies Aged 11 Months?

Illustration of Doses Of Fever Medication For Babies Aged 11 Months?
Illustration: Doses Of Fever Medication For Babies Aged 11 Months?

, my child is 11 months 28 days old. BW 9.3kg. During this time I gave tempra drops to overcome the fever of 1.2 ml as recommended by the bottle. What I want to ask is whether you can give tempra syrup (not drops again) and if you can how many. Because the syrup is listed at least 2 years but some say it can be from a year. For self storage, if it has been opened, how long can it be used? Thank you Plus, my child has a history of seizures. Have you used the medicine for fever suppos too?

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Hello Novrandy, Thank you for the question.

In general, fever occurs when the body has a viral, bacterial, or parasitic infection. In addition to infection, fever can also occur in children when teething, after immunization, prolonged exposure to hot air, or wearing thick clothes. Paracetamol is a drug commonly used to treat fever. To give paracetamol, you are advised to follow the dosage listed on the packaging of medicinal products or leaflets in it or the dosage recommended by the doctor after consulting a doctor. Syrup products can actually be used on your child but must be adjusted to your child's weight and the dose of paracetamol contained in the syrup. To prevent medication dosage errors, it is recommended that you continue to use paracetamol drop, which has been prescribed for your child. If you want to use a syrup product, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor directly so that you do not get the wrong dosage of paracetamol given.

In general, siru medicine can be used up to 1 month after opening as long as the drug is stored properly and the drug does not change color, smell, or taste. You can follow the medication storage instructions that are printed on the package or leaflet. For antibiotics, usually the shorter useful life is 1-2 weeks after opening. It is recommended that you store the medicine at room temperature, in a dry place and not exposed to sunlight; make sure you have closed the syrup lid tightly. Write the date the drug was opened on the medicine package so you can more easily know when the drug should be discarded.

Do not hesitate to consult a doctor immediately for further tests if symptoms of fever have occurred for several days, especially if your child continues to be fussy, weak, do not want to eat and drink, or return to febrile seizures.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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