Doubts Of The Disease Experienced By Children Whether TB Infection Or Bronchitis?

Illustration of Doubts Of The Disease Experienced By Children Whether TB Infection Or Bronchitis?
Illustration: Doubts Of The Disease Experienced By Children Whether TB Infection Or Bronchitis?

Good night, good doctor, my child (3 years) has taken the Mantoux test, because often his cold and BB are difficult to get on. from these results my child tested positive for TB. Given TB drugs, but can only drink for a week, the rest don’t want to drink anymore. Finally, I changed doctors. When I was at the new doctor, I was “scolded” for rushing to the Mantoux test. According to this doctor, my child had bronchitis due to an ice allergy. But because I had already done the Mantoux test and the results were positive, in addition to bronchitis medicine, my child was still given TB medication, but the liquid one, thank God, I wanted to drink up to 1.5 months kurleb. But then my child was sick of vomiting and diarrhea, finally I stopped giving TB drugs because I was always vomiting. After recovering from vomiting, I have not given the TB medicine yet, but my child has never coughed up a cold again, his BB has also continued to rise. What I want to ask, should I take TB medicine again? stomach ache, but he has no diarrhea or vomiting. Does this complaint have something to do with TB? thanks.

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There are doubts about the illness experienced by your child whether TB infection or bronchitis, so to determine the cause, it is necessary to check and diagnose by your pediatrician. This relates to clinical signs and complaints and the results of examinations conducted.

Bronchitis itself is an inflammation that occurs in the respiratory tract or bronchi. Pediatric patients with bronchitis often experience complaints of cough, fever, spasms, weight loss, chest pain and weakness. This case often occurs in children under the age of 5 years and elderly patients over 40 years. Patients with bronchitis can recover even though the cough can last long enough. The diagnosis is made based on symptoms and the results of physical examination and radiological examination. Bacteriological examination will help confirm the cause of bronchitis and the sensitivity of the drug to the causative bacteria.

Whereas TB, patients with TB have complaints that are almost the same as cough in general, especially tuberculosis in children, the symptoms of tuberculosis and tuberculosis are sometimes difficult to do. However, the suspicion of tuberculosis can be known if a pediatric patient has felt a long cough, weight loss, shortness, cold sweat, or coughing up blood can also be found. Diagnosis is made by sputum examination or found TB / germ resistant bacteria on the sputum examination. Because the child's sputum is difficult to collect for sputum examination, the Amntoux examination and / or radiolgi examination can help determine whether there is TB infection.

Therefore, these two conditions can not be ascertained which is the cause of complaints of coughing children and weight loss; without making visits and examinations directly to your child's doctor. With a direct examination, the doctor can plan an appropriate investigation to find out whether there is TB infection. While Mantoux test can be done on children to get information on TB infection in children. However Mantoux test can indicate false positive or positive results but the child is not infected with TB if the child has received previous BCG immunization. So that the TB diagnostic examination needs to be re-conformated with other diagnostic tests for TB diagnosis. Unless your child has not received the BCG vaccine, and the mantoux test is positive, then the indication for TB infection is greater.

Regarding taking TB medicine, if the doctor you visit states that you don't need TB treatment or does not recommend continuing TB treatment, then you should proceed with your doctor's second plan. This is done in connection with evaluating your child's condition and evaluating treatment for cough complaints. A history of contact with old cough patients and / or other patients around your child who has a history of tuberculosis will also be considered by your pediatrician. So that all examinations and treatments planned by the second doctor can be a reference to determine the cause of your child's coughing complaints.

Even if your child consumes TB drugs that were given previously by the first doctor, taking TB drugs not routinely, will not give a good treatment response to TB patients and risks causing side effects and resistance to TB drugs themselves. Therefore, to help your focus in providing care for your child, you should stay focused on the second doctor's plan regarding the treatment plan and treatment, thus you can continue to consult the second doctor periodically until the doctor can help restore health conditions. your child.

So take TB medicine and determine whether it is TB or not, this can only be confirmed by your pediatrician or second doctor. While the existence of complaints of diarrhea and vomiting may be caused by other medical conditions (such as digestive disorders and the effect of food consumed on digestion) or can also be caused by the effects of TB drugs taken. And complaints of diarrhea and vomiting can only be ascertained by the doctor who treats your child, because your doctor better understands your child's clinical condition related to all this. I cannot give a clinical decision regarding taking medication, diagnosis and causes of complaints of vomiting of diarrhea without conducting a direct examination on your child.

Furthermore, during the treatment period, you should still try a few things, such as still providing nutritious food and adequate fluids. Avoid contact with patients who have long coughs or cigarette smoke. Avoid instant and packaged and greasy foods during the treatment period, so that these foods do not stimulate coughing complaints in your child and don't trigger indigestion. Ask your doctor, foods and drinks that help recovery and which should be avoided, so that the direction of treatment and treatment given can go well according to your doctor's plan.

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