Drink Postinor 2 After Intercourse?

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, I did sex on the 9th day, today I took postinor 2. Can it cancel the process of pregnancy? As follows I do not want to get pregnant, Please help the explanation.

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Hello Oktavia,

The emergency contraceptive tablet contains 750 mcg of levonorgestrel. Levonorgestrel is a synthetic hormone that is expected to inhibit ovum fertilization by sperm. This hormone can change the condition of the vagina and uterus so that it is not optimal for fertilization, for example by increasing the thickness of the mucus and changing the pH in the vagina. The first tablet should be taken as soon as possible after sexual intercourse, then the second tablet should be taken exactly 12 hours after the first tablet.

Emergency contraception can be taken up to 72 hours after intercourse. Do not take the tablet if the last sexual intercourse has been more than 72 hours, because fertilization might have occurred. Its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, by 98% percent when consumed 24 hours after sexual intercourse. You need to remember, emergency contraception is intended to prevent pregnancy, not abort pregnancy. When fertilization has taken place then emergency contraceptive tablets are taken by mouth, ectopic pregnancy or other pregnancy disorders can occur.

After taking the tablet, you will likely experience bleeding or spots. If within 3 weeks of consumption, you do not also get your period, consult an obstetrician. In addition, side effects can occur such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or impaired hormonal balance.

The important thing you must remember is, emergency contraception is not to be consumed repeatedly. If you and your partner do not want to have offspring, choose the right type of contraception, not emergency contraception.

Thus my explanation, hopefully broaden your horizons. Regards.

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