Drinking Breast Milk Milk Prematurely?

Illustration of Drinking Breast Milk Milk Prematurely?
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Night, I’m 23 years old u0026amp; not married yet. For 4 days I accidentally drank milk to smoothen breast milk. Is it dangerous? Do I have to go to the clinic? Thank you

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Hello Zoeva,

Milk to smooth milk varies in content between brands of milk products with other milk products. Usually milk to smooth milk contains harmless ingredients, and usually only contains nutritional sources from natural ingredients such as soy extract, katuk leaf extract, other legumes such as almonds, edamame, or other leaves such as spinach are believed can launch and increase milk production. And usually milk to smooth milk is rich in vitamins such as vitamin B6, B12 and other minerals. Because the ingredients are harmless it will not cause any harmful effects on your body but again pay attention to what content is contained in the milk that you drink it. If there are further effects from drinking milk such as milk smoothing out of the nipple you should do further tests directly to the doctor to find out the cause of the condition you are experiencing. Here are articles that you can read galactorrhea.

Hope it is useful, thank you

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