Drinking Green Coconut Water At 23 Weeks Pregnant?

Illustration of Drinking Green Coconut Water At 23 Weeks Pregnant?
Illustration: Drinking Green Coconut Water At 23 Weeks Pregnant? Bing

Good morning doctor, I want to ask if you can drink green coconut water when you are 23 weeks pregnant?? I can hear that drinking green coconut water at a young age is not allowed and what if the pregnancy is already 23 weeks, can it be done??

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Green coconut water basically contains sugar, protein, fat, minerals (sodium, potassium) and vitamins. All the components contained in coconut water are actually useful as nutritional intake for pregnant women.

Likewise with bananas. This one fruit contains many vitamins, minerals, especially potassium, sugar, fiber, which are needed for pregnant women.

So far there has been no research that states that consuming coconut water or bananas is harmful to pregnancy. However, pregnant women need to be aware of some substances that have the potential to cause problems, such as pineapple and caffeine. Pineapple contains bromelain which can trigger uterine contractions, but it takes 7 pineapples to be consumed which can cause miscarriage. We recommend that you avoid eating pineapple at the age of less than 20 weeks. In pregnancy over 20 weeks, be careful in consuming pineapple. If you want to eat pineapple, just a few pieces should be enough. Likewise, caffeine is found in coffee, energy drinks, tea, and some over-the-counter pain relievers. Caffeine, like bromelain, can cause uterine contractions and potentially cause miscarriage. The recommended limit for caffeine consumption is 200 mg per day.

In essence, food must be kept hygienic for pregnant women. Raw food is certainly not recommended.

If you want to understand more, you can consult with a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology.

You can read the following articles about prohibited foods and pineapple for pregnant women to increase your knowledge.

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