Drowsiness, Mouth Bleeding, Throat Feels A Lot Of Phlegm And Vomiting?

At night, 25 years old, I am easily drowsy, and easily fitter, but if by 21:00 it must be very sleepy sometimes after dinner can fall asleep, and easy to wake up and sleep again what are the symptoms of diabetes ??? And my mouth often bleeds, my throat often feels a lot of phlegm, then vomits every time … what are the symptoms ?? please give me a description.

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Hi Vickha,

The sleep cycle of human waking is one of the cycles included in the circadian rhythm. This cycle describes the pattern of human life every day (24 hours) and is influenced by various things, both from outside or inside the body. Here are some things that affect circadian rhythms:

Outer factors: sunlight, temperature, environmental conditions
Internal factors: nerve response, hormonal, habits

This circadian rhythm can be different for each individual so that a person can feel excessively sleepy when doing activities at bedtime that has been formed. However, in addition to these normal conditions excessive sleepiness can also be caused by other conditions such as being too hungry or on a hard diet, fatigue, other medical conditions such as diabetes or depression.

Apart from sleepiness, diabetes can also be accompanied by the following classic symptoms:

Easy to hungry
Easy to thirsty
Frequent urination
Tingling sensation

While throat phlegm and frequent vomiting can be caused by the amount of phlegm so that the vomiting response arises. In addition to the normal response to vomiting, the condition can also be caused by respiratory infections or strep throat. Regarding the mouth that often bleeds can be caused by consumption of food that is too hard, mouth sores or due to blood clotting abnormalities.

Because of the many symptoms that you are experiencing, it would be better if you check yourself a doctor directly to ascertain the cause of your complaint and get treatment according to the conditions that underlie your complaint.

The following recommendations for you:

Manage stress well
Perform a healthy lifestyle
Exercise with mild to moderate intensity at least 5 times per week, 30 minutes per session

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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