Drug Dosage For Pulmonary Tuberculosis?

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At noon, my ankle was 2 years 8 months and was diagnosed almost as a result because of the 0.5 cm sleepiness and the loss of results that were so good that my question was less than 2x control that could be 100mg prophylaxis with wrna drugs which were white, and with control over 28 June. take medication on July 1, because the drug that is in control before I still can open the drug that is control on 28 tryata blue already at racik with a dose of 400mg ,, I am confused about how many doctors do not ap2, what do the treatments do in prophylactic dosage can be d with ridicule ?

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Prophylactic drugs for pulmonary tuberculosis, usually given to children who have more than the same TB scoring 5. Scoring of TB is obtained from the following tests:

If the TB scoring is more than or equal to 5, then the child is advised to get prophylaxis with the drug Isoniazid (INH) which aims to prevent children from TB infection. The dosage given to children depends on the child's weight when receiving treatment, which is 5-10 mg / kg / day for 6 months. That is, if the weight of the mother's child is 10kg, it means that the dose given to the child's mother is 10kg x (5-10 mg / kgBB / day) = 50-100 mg per day. If the child's weight rises within a few days, then the dose must follow the child's weight gain, for example the child weighs to 30kg, then the dose must be increased to 30kg x 5-10 mg / kgBB / day = 150-300 mg per day the dose can be given to the child.

So that the dose increase in the administration of INH prophylactic drugs may occur if the child has gained weight, or because of other things based on the considerations of the doctor who examined it, such as there are severe complaints in children, or doctors consider based on other things.


1. provide enough nutrition for children

2. give INH prophylaxis according to the doctor's recommendations on a regular basis

3. control with routine

4. protect and protect children from people infected with tuberculosis

5. maintain the immune system of children with foods high in protein, enough rest and drink enough water

Additional information can be read on the following website:

http://www.ichrc.org/483-tuberkulosis-ter--context-prevention-and-aspect-k Kesehatan-masyarakat

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