Drugs That Can Affect Drug Testing?

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I asked for permission. I took Tuzalos, a cold medicine containing DMP, PCT, CTM and phenylpropanolamine and imboost the day before the health test. Will it affect my drug test? thanks. Do I need to inform the health teat committee about the medicine I am taking?

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Medical tests, or often referred to as MCU (medical check-up) can be done for various purposes, therefore, the examination procedure can be different. Often, these tests are carried out as a condition for joining certain institutions (for example educational or occupational institutions) or also as a way to evaluate the status of "fit to work" on workers who are carried out regularly.

Generally, medical tests are carried out by involving several examinations, namely:

Anamnesis (structured interview), which is to find out complaints that are felt, history of the illness, treatment that is being undertaken
Physical examination, including examination of vital signs, examination of the head to toe, or can also be focused on a specific body area
Investigations, for example X-ray, laboratory, ultrasound, CT scan, heart record, and so on

Consumption of fever, cough, runny nose and immunomodulatory medications that you take the day before the examination can affect the results of your health test, or not. If what you are about to take is a drug test, then the drug content that needs to be watched is DMP (dextromethorphan). This drug, if consumed in excess without clear medical indications, can cause dissociative symptoms (making sufferers feel no longer being themselves, feels like floating, free from problems, such as losing control), therefore classified as a drug. However, if indeed the consumption of this drug is prescribed directly by a doctor, and is consumed correctly on clear medical indications, you really don't need to worry. Simply state this to the doctor who examined you at the time of the history so that the doctor can give special notes when interpreting the results of your examination later.

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