Dry And Itchy Lips Never Heal.?

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Dry lips can be experienced by anyone and is a common thing. Lips do not have oil glands so are not able to produce oil to maintain moisture. In addition, the lips also do not have melanin pigment as protection from the sun so that it can trigger evaporation and chapped lips occur.

Dry lips can be caused by several possibilities, including:

The weather is too cold, dry, or windy which causes lip moisture to decrease.
Being in an environment with sun exposure with a long duration, can be caused by factors outside the work.
The habit of licking lips.
Conditions of lack of fluids / dehydration, lack of nutrients such as vitamins.
The use of cosmetic tools such as lipstick.

In the condition of dry lips, it can also be referred to as cheilitis in medical terms. There are several things that can be done to prevent dry lips, including the use of lip balm, consume sufficient fluid every day, do not lick lips, monitor the use of cosmetics whether it gives side effects to dry lips, does not pluck the dry lips, reduce exposure to sunlight and exposure to cold weather.

For conditions that are felt to be settled accompanied by other symptoms such as dehydration, continued to feel thirsty, fatigue, dry skin, dry lips, unable to consume food / drink due to certain disease conditions, then you can consult a doctor for examination and treatment in accordance with the conditions you.

For more information to prevent dry lips from accessing this link, treatment information that can be used for dry lips by accessing this link, as well as tips for dealing with chapped lips by accessing this link.

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