Dry Cough And Diarrhea, What Are The Symptoms Of Corona Virus Infection?

Illustration of Dry Cough And Diarrhea, What Are The Symptoms Of Corona Virus Infection?
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Hello! So, like this, I have been experiencing one of the symptoms of the corona virus for 3 days, which is a dry cough but the cough is not frequent, then I entered diarrhea on the 4th day. Does that include the symptoms of being infected with the virus as explained in the symptoms of the virus from days 1-14? Thank you

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There are complaints of pain that you feel in the form of dry cough that has been running for about 3 days, although it is one of the symptoms of the Corona virus but that does not mean that all dry coughs must be infected with the Corona Covid-19 virus. Patients with complaints of dry cough are often caused by strep throat, allergic cough, GERD / acid reflux, or due to tonsils / tonsillitis. Various other causes can lead to complaints of dry cough, especially if you currently also feel complaints of diarrhea since the fourth day of illness, so that both of these conditions still do not strengthen the symptoms that lead to the Corona virus. However, you can independently evaluate the possible risk of Corona virus on the following link.

In patients with dry cough and diarrhea, this condition may be caused by strep throat and indigestion, where physical conditions are decreased or physical fatigue can aggravate the complaints you feel. In addition to coughing and diarrhea, some other complaints can also be felt, such as fever, abdominal pain, headache, weakness, nausea or runny nose. So even though this may not be a corona infection, it is advisable that during this recovery period you recover at home and reduce or limit contact with other family members or others, this is done as an evaluation and observation step only until you recover and improve in the next few days. Of course, all of this also needs to be consulted with your doctor regarding complaints of pain to get appropriate treatment and care. So during the recovery period at home, you have received treatment from a doctor to help recovery.

If during the 1-14 recovery period, you feel a complaint of increasing pain or bother you both tightness, fever more than 38 degrees celsius, then you immediately visit the city hospital or the nearest provincial hospital. For now, because the signs of Corona virus infection in you are not yet supportive, then treating a doctor, restoring yourself at home, and increasing stamina and endurance are important steps for you and observation to be an important step in restoring your health.

While related to the Corona virus, some symptoms that need attention are:

 Cough Fever more than 38 Degrees Celsius Causes of cough that are currently felt are not yet known to other causes of shortness History of contact with suspicious patients Corona or Corona positive within the previous 14 days History of traveling to affected areas Corona abroad or in the country within the previous 14 days as a single symptom; or cough and fever alone as a single symptom, this condition does not support the risk of Corona virus infection, but still requires evaluation and supervision during the recovery period. Especially if these complaints are increasing or tightness complaints are increasingly felt.

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