Dry Cough For 3 Weeks, What Are The Symptoms Of Corona?

Illustration of Dry Cough For 3 Weeks, What Are The Symptoms Of Corona?
Illustration: Dry Cough For 3 Weeks, What Are The Symptoms Of Corona?

Tonight, I have been coughing for 3 weeks even though I have been taking stall medicine and still not recovering. Coughing more often at night so it makes it difficult for me to sleep early even though every night I drink water / warm. Can my disease be categorized as covid19 or normal dry cough? I am 17 years old, I am too worried, so it makes me stress every night. Please help doc, thank you.

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There are complaints about dryness that you have felt for about 3 weeks, and you have taken medicine for a cough that you buy free, so this condition is probably not caused by Covid-19, especially if this complaint has been more than 14 days, you do not feel complaints of fever high more than 38 degrees celsius, do not feel crowded, and do not travel to risk areas according to the provisions of the Ministry of Health and do not contact with suspect patients or positive patients Covid-19. However, you should still maintain yourself by doing social distancing and recovering at home until healed.

Complaints of dry cough that you feel, may be preceded by decreased stamina due to fatigue or due to lack of sleep or contracting from patients with cough or sore throat in general. So recovery with a rest and a good increase in stamina will help restore your health. If within 3 weeks the cough complaint is still persistent, this might be triggered by several things, such as:

 Physical fatigue that you continue to experience Sleep deprivation Smoking or alcohol consumption if you consume Drugs that are not regularly drunk Still often consume oily foods, instant foods, fried foods, ice, foods or drinks that are too sweet, or bottled drinks Have not gone to the health center or hospital Related to complaints that you feel, the existence of complaints of persistent dry cough can be triggered by other medical conditions, such as:

 Strep throat (not due to Covid-19 infection) GERD bronchitis allergy or gastric acid increase to the esophagus Chronic lung infection Because some things can trigger almost the same complaints and you have not consulted directly with your doctor, this condition does require direct evaluation and examination to your doctor. The doctor will conduct an examination and treatment to ascertain the cause of this complaint. Because the current condition is still in the alert Corona infection, then you should do the communication and consultation via telephone and or online, unless your doctor asks you to come directly to meet in person. The doctor will carry out further examinations if needed. Further treatment and recommendations will be given by your doctor.

While related to new Corona virus infection, where risk factors that need to be considered are contact with Covid-19 patients or have been in the area of ​​local transmission in the last 14 days. So if you encounter these risk factors, it is necessary for you to communicate directly with Hot line 119 by telephone.

Some of the signs and risk factors of concern are:

 Sore throat / cough Fever> 38 degrees celsius Other causes can not be ascertained against current pain complaints Shortness of breath confirmed by the doctor History of 14 days previously had contact with a suspicious patient Covid-19 or a positive patient Covid-19 History of 14 days before traveling away or outside the city / overseas where the area is a local transmission area that has been determined by the Ministry of Health or an authorized organization. Furthermore, if you are currently in a risky area but a fever of more than 38 degrees Celsius is not found and there is no tightness, then you should continue to work several things related to your health recovery and to prevent corona virus infection for you and those around you by:

 Avoid staying up on the night Adequate intake of nutritious food and nutritious drinks Stay at home to restore stamina and endurance social Distancing Avoid physical fatigue Avoid activities outside the home, so stay quiet at home until your condition improves and the area around you declared safe Get used to doing personal hygiene good things like bathing, washing your hands regularly, and using a mask if you cough even at home Avoid or limit spicy foods, fried foods, oily foods, instant foods or foods that are not maintained clean Use hand sanitizer as a second prevention, especially if it is difficult to find soap and water Perform light exercise at home to help increase your stamina. If complaints are increasing and are accompanied by complaints of cough, fever more than 38 degrees Celsius and / or shortness of breath, immediately go to the provincial hospital or city hospital where you live or call 119 so you stay be on guard ap conditions and risk of Covid-19 infection, but you will continue to make this effort in a reasonable context and it is hoped that your health condition will also improve. Reduce stress or anxiety, so that you are more relaxed to help your rest needs.

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