Dry Cough From Inhaling Camphor?

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Good night, last Monday I used my brother’s car, which happened to be in it a lot of white camphor that was spread out to get rid of cockroaches, he said, from Friday I started coughing dry coughs and sometimes when in the car I feel dizzy with the smell of camphor, and throat feels dry. r n r nWhat is allergies? r nAnd how can I deal with this dry cough? I have been taking dry cough actified medicine but it looks like it is not working

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Hello Grimal, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Camphor / camphor is very commonly used in places that have the potential for unpleasant odors and have limited ventilation so that the air circulation is very minimal, so that it seems to cover and at the same time remove the unpleasant smell, camphor / camphor is used. There have been many studies conducted on the evidence of the effects of using camphor on the health of the body. And it turns out that camphor which is made from naphthalene has indeed been shown to cause disorders of the respiratory system including triggers for cancer in the body. Napthalene is one of the important basic ingredients in the manufacture of cigarettes, so inhaling naphthalene indirectly on camphor will be as dangerous as inhaling cigarette smoke which can also cause respiratory problems.

Napthalene in the evidence turned out to be the cause of chronic inflammation of the nose, and damage to cilia / a type of fine hair that filters air in the bronchial trunks of the lungs. If the respiratory tract is disturbed, then don't be surprised if you experience complaints such as dry throat and coughing. Dry throat because the nose as the first door to filter the respiratory air experiences swelling in the mucosal lining and in the blood vessels, where if the air is not properly filtered it will cause irritation to other respiratory tracts including the throat, trunk and lungs themselves.

Coughing is a natural reflex when unclean air / foreign objects enter the respiratory tract. So that the cough that you experience is due to the air that failed to clear by the initial door of the respiratory tract, namely the nose, and the respiratory tract responds with a cough reflex to expel air that still contains pollutants and has already entered the lung tract.

Here are a few tips about using camphor safely:

Camphor should not be used in very closed rooms such as cars, or rooms that are not ventilated.
It's best to get rid of unpleasant odors and avoid cockroaches, then cleaning the interior of the car regularly, so that insects such as cockroaches do not enter the car.
Minimize the use of camphor, especially in families who have members whose health is very vulnerable, such as babies / small children and pregnant women.

If during your complaint, you still feel that you have not improved, then it is better if you consult and see a doctor, so that proper treatment is given to prevent damage to irritated lung cells from camphor and air that cannot be cleaned properly. both by the lining of the nasal mucosa.

If that's the explanation from us, hopefully it will answer.

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