Dry Cough, Itchy And Lumpy Throat, Fever And Headache

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Good afternoon, doc. My 23-year-old woman, I have been coughing for 4 days, my throat is itchy like there is mucus in the lump in my throat, on the third day I have a slight fever, sometimes a headache, my gums are also swollen. Is that related to covid19? Thank you

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Hello Teresia,

Thank you for the question.

COVID-19 can show a variety of clinical symptoms, some are mild or even do not interfere with activities at all, but some are severe and potentially deadly if not treated immediately. Therefore, your condition that has a cough, itchy throat, slimy, lumps, mild fever, headache, and swollen gums may indeed be part of the symptoms of COVID-19, or it may not. In addition to COVID-19, your complaints can also be caused by other diseases, for example allergies and airway irritation, gastric acid reflux, viral or bacterial infections in other organs, immune disorders, malnutrition, benign or malignant tumors, and so on.

The cause of your complaint is not always dangerous. Therefore, as long as there is no high fever or annoying tightness, you should not panic and rush to see a doctor. Worried, your risk of contracting a dangerous disease will be greater if you do this action. It's safer to do the following steps to make your complaint improve:

Use a mask during coughing
Take paracetamol to reduce your fever and headache
Drink more water
Don't eat spicy, oily, artificial sweet foods
Get more rest at home
Gargle with salt solution and brush your teeth more diligently
Don't shout too much
Avoid contact with air conditioners and fans that are too cold, smoke, dust, pollution, and other things that are prone to trigger inflammation in your airways

Conversely, if you also experience severe complaints such as we have mentioned above, or if you feel you have been in contact with people with COVID-19 and live or have traveled to an area with a COVID-19 outbreak, then it is advisable for you to consult a doctor directly or doctor of internal medicine in order to be given further treatment according to the underlying cause yes ..

I hope this helps.

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