Dry Cough With Mouth Sores On The Lips And Sores On The Tongue?

Illustration of Dry Cough With Mouth Sores On The Lips And Sores On The Tongue?
Illustration: Dry Cough With Mouth Sores On The Lips And Sores On The Tongue? post.healthline.com

Good morning, today I have a dry cough, and have no phlegm with mouth ulcers and tongue sores about what symptoms, thank you

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Hello Siti,

Thank you for the question,

Dry cough with mouth ulcers and sores around the lips and tongue can occur because:

 Pharyngitis (inflammation of the throat) Infection around the oral cavity and throat Allergies, such as cold, food or certain medications Gastroesophageal reflux disease (acid that flows back from the stomach to the esophagus) Other factors, such as Behcet's disease, Crohn's disease, the influence of drugs, infections in other organ systems, malnutrition, etc. Your condition should not be worried too much. To improve, you can try to do some of the following tips:

 Brush your teeth more diligently, then clean your tongue and rinse with salt solution Don't overdo eating cold, greasy, spicy, and artificial sweet foods Eat smaller portions but often Drink more warm water, you can also add honey or ginger Don't yell excessively Reduce tiring physical activities Stay away from cigarettes Eat more fruits, especially those containing vitamin C, however, if within 1-3 days the complaint does not improve, we suggest, check yourself directly to the doctor, ENT doctor, or doctor of internal medicine to be given appropriate treatment according to the cause huh ..

I hope this helps.

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