Dry Hair, Flaking Red Face, HIV?

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I want to ask. My hair is scaly and dry. And my face is red and if it’s dry it peels off. Is my disease targeted with HIV.

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Hi Fauzi,

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Hair that looks dry and scaly often indicates a lack of nutrition that is important for supporting hair health. The types of nutrients in question include zinc, iron, copper, selenium, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium, and so on. As a result of this lack of nutritional intake, hair growth becomes unhealthy, so that moisture is disturbed, hair looks dry, scaly, dull, falls out easily, and has various other problems. Apart from a lack of nutritional intake, it could also be, complaints to your hair as you experience may result from other triggers, for example excessive sun exposure or other irritants, genetics (heredity), scalp infections (often due to fungi), excessive hair modification, disorders immunity (for example due to lupus, lichen planus), anemia, hormonal balance disorders, side effects of drugs (including chemotherapy), dehydration, and so on.

Meanwhile, your facial skin that looks red, dry, and peeling can occur due to many factors, including:

Irritation, for example due to improper use of cosmetics or other facial skin care products Excessive exposure to sunlight or other skin irritants Skin infections, for example due to tinea versicolor, impetigo, erysipelas, acne, miliaria Other skin inflammation, eg contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis Xerosis drug eruption (dry skin), etc. All these complaints do not specifically refer to the symptoms of HIV. However, decreased immune system due to HIV can make you more susceptible to various diseases, including those that manifest as the complaints you are currently experiencing.

To ascertain exactly what triggers your complaint, we urge you to go to a doctor or dermatologist directly. Through a careful examination, doctors are usually able to give you the best therapy. If you feel that you have ever engaged in HIV risk behavior, be open to your doctor so that the doctor will carry out further tests, namely the VCT (voluntary counseling and testing) procedure so that your disease status is clearer and can be treated early.

At this time, you can first resolve your complaints through the following tricks:

Avoid all forms of HIV risk behavior, including by ONLY having healthy sexual activity, staying away from drugs, getting tattoos or body piercing Eat a balanced nutritional diet Drink more Do not use skin care products or also modify hair carelessly Protect your facial skin and head from exposure to light Excessive sun and other irritants Bathing, washing your face, and washing your hair regularly Do not smoke or consume alcohol Keep your body immune by resting, exercising regularly, and always living a healthy lifestyle.

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