Dry Mouth With Palpitations?

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At night, I want to ask for almost a week if I wake up, my mouth is dry and sticky, my chest is pounding, my pulse is fast, I guess that’s why, and how can I overcome it? I have been to the ER and on an EKG when my heart is good. Oh yes I have tried to drink enough water, Mkash before

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Hello Wili.

A palpating chest accompanied by a dry mouth can be caused by various causes. From the situation that you are experiencing, it might be caused by a GERD.

GERD or stomach acid disease is a condition where there is an increase in stomach acid toward the throat. GERD is more common in people with obesity, a history of alcohol consumption, excessive stress, or often lie down right after eating.

GERD can occur at a young or old age. GERD can cause symptoms such as heartburn, palpitations, mouth feeling sour, tightness in the chest especially when lying down. GERD requires treatment with certain stomach medications. GERD if treated is not a dangerous thing, besides, GERD also requires lifestyle changes such as not consuming alcohol, maintaining weight, so do not immediately lie down after eating.

But besides that, the situation that you experience can also be caused by other causes such as:

Arrhythmia / disturbance of heart rhythm
certain adrenal tumors
the effects of certain dietary supplements

Therefore, to determine the cause of the situation that you are experiencing, then you should check yourself directly to a specialist in internal medicine, so that the doctor can examine your situation further. maybe later an examination will be carried out such as an ultrasound examination, or a 24-hour EKG if it is felt necessary.

The following article you can read about GERD

may be useful. thank you

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