Dry Skin After Hives?

Good night, I want to ask yaa, before my body and hands were itchy and continued to seek treatment, the doctor said I had herpes, but after the itching went away and the wound peeled off, how come I feel the skin all over my body is dry then if I scratch the skin it peels too even though that not the itchy area when I first experienced itching .. Why do you think that is? Is it true that my itching is due to herpes? NThank you.

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Hello Nurul,

Herpes zoster is caused due to infection with the Varicella zoster virus. The symptoms are a painful, burning, itchy, watery sore, then the sore will dry up and become a scab within a few days. This flexion only occurs on one side of the body according to nerve transmission.

After herpes resolves, sometimes complications can occur such as post herpes neuralgia (pain that persists for several months to years), nervous disorders, blindness if it hits the eyes, white patches on the wound scars, and secondary infection if the cleanliness of the wound is not maintained.

Regarding your current complaint, itching is not always related to the herpes you had previously. Are there any other complaints besides dryness and itching? Is there a rash, rash, sore, blisters or fever?

Complaints of itching all over the body can be caused by the following factors:

Xerosis or very dry skin Atopic eczema Hives / urticaria Contact dermatitis due to irritation and allergy to the material in contact with the skin Psoriasis Allergic skin reactions, eg drug allergies Scabies Other diseases: iron deficiency anemia, diabetes, kidney problems, thyroid disease, leukemia , lymphoma, measles Did the doctor's medicine run out? If the medicine has not run out, you should first finish the medicine. If the medicine has run out, it is better for you to control it again with the doctor who treats you so that further evaluation of the treatment results and other complaints that you are currently experiencing can be done. If necessary, your doctor can ask you to do a skin scraping test to help confirm the diagnosis. Then you will be given further treatment by a doctor.

Meanwhile, to reduce itching, you can do the following tips:

Keep your body clean by bathing 2x a day Use hypoallergenic soap Use a moisturizer after bathing so that the skin doesn't dry out Don't scratch itchy skin You can use a cold compress to reduce itching Calamine or menthol lotion can be used on itchy skin without wounds and without wet lesions. consumption of healthy and nutritious food Use comfortable and loose clothing The following articles are related to the topic of your question:

All body itching medication

Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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