Dry Skin In Infants Aged 5 Months?

want to ask, my baby is 5 months old, his skin is dry. from the age of 3 months red ” I changed the soap so it was rather dry and peeling myself red-red. stay on the legs for a while to peel it off .. is that okay ?? and I want to ask again my child starts from being born after breastfeeding and has to be directly pooped and sometimes if he’s not stubborn, after a few minutes he will vomit, his pup will be born a day can be 2 to 3 times what is normal. That is all and thank you.

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Baby's skin tends to be sensitive and prone to irritation due to exposure from the surrounding environment. Some causes of baby's skin becoming dry and scaly, including:

Environmental factors, high temperature and low humidity. Use of changing or excessive use of soap. Use of clothing with ingredients that can irritate the skin Allergy symptoms due to the use of laundry soap, baby clothes and baby care products. dry and peeling skin lasts a long time, it's good if you check your baby to a dermatologist for evaluation.
Normally, if there are no significant skin abnormalities, the condition can be improved by avoiding products or objects that can irritate the baby's skin. However, if there is no change or the conditions often repeat, it is better to do a direct examination to determine the possible causes.
To help reduce the severity and prevent complaints from returning, the following things you can do for your baby, include:

Pay attention to the room temperature so that it is not too hot and cold Give warm water / lukewarm (according to body temperature) when bathing, pay attention to the temperature if necessary measure with a temperature thermometer that is no more than 38 degrees. Water that is too hot can erode the oil content on the surface of the baby's skin Do not take too long to bathe Use enough soap and use hypoallergic soap products Give a special baby skin moisturizer Choose detergents for baby's special clothing smooth for babies

Related to the frequency of bowel movements in infants, it should be noted that newborns up to the age of 2 months who consume breast milk often defecate up to 10x per day. Of course these numbers vary per baby. The amount of frequency of defecation in infants is affected by the presence of gastrocolytic reflexes that are still quite strong. As the baby's age, the reflex will begin to decline and digestive function begins to develop.
Not infrequently at the age of 3 months or more, the frequency of defecation of the baby will decrease. In fact, many babies are also found not defecating for more than 5-7 days. This can occur because of the development of the baby's digestive system, which is characterized by a decrease in the reflex gastrocolica and maximum absorption of breast milk or milk consumed.

Breastfed babies generally can defecate more often than babies with formula milk. The consistency is different. Infants with breast milk will excrete more soft or slightly runny, foamy, smelly acid. Whereas in infants with formula milk, feces will be more soft / dense textured and the frequency is not as common as babies with breast milk.

So, if your baby defecates 2-3 times a day is still considered normal. As long as there is no sign of diarrhea, the baby is fussy because of abdominal pain or dehydration, the baby can sleep soundly after sucking on the mother, the baby's weight and body length increase according to his age every month, so you don't need to worry. If necessary, further consult with a pediatrician to get more complete and relevant information.

So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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