Dry Throat Accompanied By Vomiting Of Flatulence?

Illustration of Dry Throat Accompanied By Vomiting Of Flatulence?
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if I experience my throat feeling dry and run out, I catch a cold and bloating then vomit, is that a symptom of Corona, is it just a common cold?

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complaints that you experience can be caused by a disturbance in your stomach, which results in an increase in stomach acid to the throat until it irritates the throat which causes a dry throat, chest pain such as burning, vomiting and gastritis and shortness of breath where this is called GERD. this can improve if you avoid the originator and take gastric medication, if it doesn't improve with this, it might be caused by other things like:

 laryngitis (pharyngitis); throat infection caused by viruses or bacteria. Usually the throat is not only painful but also dry. It also accompanied by symptoms of fever, cough and a sense of difficulty swallowing. flu: your throat feels dry and itchy. In addition, you also usually experience a series of typical symptoms such as mild fever, coughing, sneezing, and also aches. tonsillitis: caused by viral or bacterial infections. Besides making fever and difficulty swallowing, tonsillitis can also make the throat feel dry and itchy. to ascertain the cause of the thing that you are experiencing you can do a direct examination by a doctor, to turn off the cause that you are experiencing, so that the doctor can provide proper handling, if this is caused by a stomach problem you may be a doctor will give stomach medicine by avoiding the originator. but if it is caused by a common cold virus the doctor may provide treatment according to symptoms only because the virus can heal itself along with the increase in your immune system, if caused by inflammation caused by a bacterial infection maybe the doctor will give anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics.

I understand your concern, with the rise of the corona virus, everyone associates the disease with this virus, if you feel contact with people affected by this virus or you have traveled abroad one of the gods, or contact with people who have exhausted places at risk of things accompanied by high fever, cough and shortness of breath you can immediately consult a doctor or hospital or contact the corona hotline center.

There are a number of things you can do at home:

 drink plenty of warm water at least 2 lier a day if it is caused by the stomach you can avoid eating late, spicy foods, high-fat acids and too much gas avoid consuming caffeine, soda and alcohol avoid eating too much at once and lie down after eating eat a little but often avoid stress you can read the following article: the difference between the common cold and corona

You can check corona risk here

Thus the info I can give

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