Due To High Heat Become Seizures?

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I want to ask my child, right, he had a high fever, then he has a seizure, after that I took him to the hospital. In fact, now he is coughing dry, and I want to know the trigger can my child get hot so, due to his hmm … What if after coughing, his body temperature must go up and down … Please explain …

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Basically, fever can occur due to many possibilities. The most common cause of fever is infection. Infection can be caused by any microorganism, and can occur in any organ. Fever can also be caused by other things that are not infections, such as autoimmune diseases, extensive and severe inflammation of the body, cancer, side effects of drugs, certain disorders in the brain (such as brain bleeding, brain tumors, strokes, etc.).

If indeed your child always has a fever when coughing / runny nose, it is actually quite a normal thing. When you are experiencing an infection, fever can indeed occur. This fever has a function, one of which is to increase the work of the child's immune system (when the temperature rises, the immune system will work more actively to fight infections that enter the body). Therefore, if the fever experienced by children is mild and does not cause disturbing symptoms, fever medication does not need to be given.

Because coughs / colds in children are usually caused by viral infections, treatment is not necessary. Children are only advised to rest more, drink more fluids, and are given fever-reducing drugs if the fever is high enough. The administration of fever medication is also not known to prevent the occurrence of febrile seizures in children (and there is no specific drug that is also recommended to be given to prevent seizures during fever). The doctor can give certain medications (which are usually inserted from the anus) if a seizure has occurred to relieve the seizure faster. To help relieve coughing in children, you can also install a humidifier in your child's bedroom, and if your child is over 1 year old, honey is proven to be effective in reducing coughing especially at night.

If seizures in children occur more than once in 24 hours, occur up to more than 15 minutes, occur when the child does not have a fever, seizures occur in parts of the body only, the child is unconscious until long after the seizure stops, you must immediately bring the child to hospital.

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