Dull Facial Skin.?

Good evening doctor. I want to ask about my facial skin. I have a normal face, not oily and not too dry, but my face is dull. Are there any recommendations for cream or lightening products that are safe to use? I asked the pharmacist yesterday, he suggested using vitaquin cream. Is the cream safe for long-term use and for pregnant women? Thank you

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Good evening, thanks for the question

The face cream you are referring to above contains the active ingredient in the form of hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is a substance that can suppress the process of pigmentation in the skin, for example in the condition of melasma. According to the literature, hydroquinone is included in category C drugs for pregnancy, which means that according to studies in animals proven to cause disability in the fetus, but there is no research that supports in humans.

Nevertheless, this substance is used to be absorbed as much as 35-40% into the body, so it should be avoided for use during pregnancy.

Melasma is known to be related to pregnancy, where melasma can occur during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. The skin will look more dull and black and melanin pigment deposits occur in the face, the middle of the stomach to the pubis. Melasma related to pregnancy should not be treated with lightening creams, because after childbirth the symptoms of melasma will also subside.

Therefore, we advise you to consult with your obstetrician before using any type of medication during pregnancy. This type of cream can be given if there are clear medical indications, and assessed the benefits outweigh the risks.

Before using lightening creams during pregnancy you should note the following:

1. Check the ingredients in it whether it is safe to use by pregnant women, if you know you should consult a doctor.
2. Read the procedure for its use.
3. Try cream on the skin of the hands before it is applied to the face, because generally the skin of pregnant women becomes more sensitive. Stop using if the hands cause irritation in the skin.
4. Only use creams or drugs that have been approved as safe for you by competent doctors.

That's all, hope you can help

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