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Illustration of Durable In Bed
Illustration: Durable In Bed

Good morning doctor. My penis is bent. But the doctor said, it’s still normal. And, I had difficulty holding back ejaculation before 1 hour. Often only 30 minutes. Is that normal dock? Does the shape of the penis really affect the might in bed? Thanks. Good morning doctor

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Hello Ahmad,

Thank you for the question.

The duration needed for a man to ejaculate since penetration can vary. In general, you are said to experience premature ejaculation if your ejaculation occurs in less than 1 minute after penetration. So, if your ejaculation occurs more than this time, then you can still be said to be normal.

Some men do have a crooked penis. The bending of this penis, provided it is not too conspicuous, is often not dangerous. It's just that, if the bending is very significant, it is not uncommon for pain to occur, especially when erect. Enduring pain during erection can eventually accelerate ejaculation. In addition, ejaculation can also occur more quickly if you are tired, experiencing stress, masturbating too often, taking certain drugs, or it could be due to an illness, such as diabetes, hormonal disorders, heart problems, and other chronic diseases. Some men also have a sensitive penis, so it is easy to experience ejaculation even though penetration has just taken place.

Our advice, if your penis does not bend to cause pain, do not panic. In order to be more durable in bed, you can do the following suggestions:

Use a condom if your penis feels very sensitive
Choose a comfortable sexual relationship position, try not to man on top (this position is expected to make ejaculation faster)
Discipline to exercise and maintain your ideal body weight
Don't masturbate too often
Live a healthy diet and rich in vitamin C
Don't smoke, stay away from alcohol and drugs
Do not also carelessly take medicine or herbs

If in a long time your complaint does not improve with the steps above, after the COVID-19 outbreak has subsided, you can check with your doctor or doctor andrology to be treated further according to the cause huh ..

I hope this helps.

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