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Hello, I want to ask, is dwarfism included in the disability category?

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Disability or limitations can be interpreted where a person has limitations in the long run where there is a limited ability to interact with the environment or experience obstacles and difficulties in carrying out daily activities or carrying out activities differently from the average person, where Indonesian law states the variety disability includes physical, mental, intellectual, sensory disabilities, can be experienced singly, multiple or mixed of some of the various disabilities. Limitations themselves are obtained from birth or obtained during life.

Dwarfism or kelianan which causes the sufferer's height is more or less below the average height of a person in general. Characterized by the height of an adult sufferer ranging from 90-120cm, growth in childhood is slower than other children his age, larger head size and body disproportionate, and several other features of dwarfism. The causes themselves vary, among others due to genetic disorders, lack of growth hormone, influenced by certain diseases and disorders of pregnancy in the mother. In patients with dwarfism there are differences in body shape where this causes physical limitations in dwarfism sufferers to carry out daily activities where this can be categorized as a disability.

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