Illustration of Dyspepsia
Illustration: Dyspepsia

Good night doc. Today I visited the clinic to check on my condition, which for 2 days was always nauseous. And I saw the information in the sick letter written dyspepsia and lack of blood. But I was asked for a blood test. What is the purpose of this blood test, Doc?

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Hello Vie Zahara,

Dyspepsia is a condition characterized by one or more symptoms such as pain in the pit of the stomach, burning sensation in the pit of the stomach, feeling full after eating, or the sensation of being full sooner. Dyspepsia can be divided into 2 types namely:

Organic: there are abnormalities in certain organs. For example due to the following diseases:
Gastric ulcer
Bile disorders and so on

Functional dyspepsia (no apparent cause)

Aside from being based on clinical symptoms, the doctor may require several investigations to establish the cause of dyspepsia. Investigations must first prove the absence of abnormalities in the organs (which can cause dyspeptic complaints) then the diagnosis of functional dyspepsia can be erect. Possible investigations related to dyspepsia complaints are endoscopy, ultrasonography, urea breath test, blood laboratory (especially pancreatic function, blood sugar level, etc.).

Laboratory blood tests have many types. Depending on the type of examination requested by the doctor, there is someone who can see hemoglobin levels, leukocyte levels, platelet levels, levels of certain enzymes in the body, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and much more.

In the doctor's note writing blood deficiency - maybe what is meant is anemia. Anemia is a state of lack of hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is in red blood cells, if the number of red blood cells is low, the hemoglobin level is also low. From physical examination signs of anemia that can be found for example patients appear pale most easily seen on the inside of the lower eyelid, rapid heartbeat, abnormal surface shape of the tongue, nail grooves, abnormal heart sounds (if chronic anemia).

There is no harm in asking the function of each of the investigations that are requested when you go to the doctor. Asking about your disease diagnosis and an appropriate therapeutic plan are things you can do.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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