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Good afternoon. I am jean, 20 years old. 2 weeks ago I hit my head near the ear area. I immediately heard a ringing sound that was quite long and a little hard to hear after that. The next days I didn’t hear the ringing anymore only heard a sound like it echoed in the ear. Previously, I had time to repeatedly give water to the ear, I thought it would work but it turned out that it was still the same and it was still clogged and I heard the sound of water breaking from inside the ear and clear water came out but it was not sticky and did not smell (like ordinary water). After more than 1 week my ears recovered but sometimes I felt pain suddenly, especially when I pressed it because I felt itchy from inside my ear. Guess what happened to my ears? Does it still have something to do with the collision 2 weeks ago?

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Hi Jeanne,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Violent collisions on the head, including near the ears, are known to trigger tinnitus, which is the appearance of disturbing sounds in the ears. This sound is not limited to just ringing, but it can also be other disturbing sounds, such as hearing the sound of water or excessive echoes.

In addition to the impact to the head, tinnitus can also occur due to other causes, for example due to excessive loud noise exposure, blockage of the ear by hardened wax, otosclerosis, Meniere's disease, jaw joint disorders, tumors of the nerve fibers, atherosclerosis, hypertension, head tumors or neck, and so on.

In mild conditions, tinnitus due to impact to the head should improve within a few days after the impact. However, this condition can certainly vary depending on the severity of the impact.

The very act of putting water in the ear can cause the ear to become moist. As a result, microorganisms can enter and multiply more fertile in the ear and trigger infection. This ear infection is likely what causes your ear to feel sore, itchy, clogged, and secrete excess fluid.

You need to go directly to an ENT specialist for further evaluation. With special tools, the doctor can monitor the condition of your ear and identify the extent of the damage caused by the impact you experienced before, as well as any other conditions that trigger your current complaint.

In the meantime, review your complaint with the following efforts:

Take paracetamol to reduce pain temporarily
Do not put water or any object (including cotton swabs) in the ear
Keep ears dry
Avoid exposure to excessive noise
Get regular sleep
Do not take drugs (both drinking drugs or ear drops) carelessly

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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