Ear Buzzing After Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery?

Illustration of Ear Buzzing After Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery?
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I want to ask, post-operative trigeminal neuralgia my mother can not hear. After a while my mother began to hear a voice but hum, besides that when hearing sounds such as drops of water, the sound of birds or animals and firecrackers said the ear hurts like a head would burst. But to hear the voices of people conversing is not clear. I wonder how?

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Hello Khasanah Ayu Chan, thank you for asking with HealthReplies.com.

Some of the causes of your mother's complaints include:

Foreign body in the ear or ear canal covered with dirt (serumen prop)
Infection or inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media)
Infection or inflammation of the ear canal or earlobe (otitis external)
Meniere's disease
Disorders of the eardrum
Complications or side effects from previous operations

Trigeminal neuralgia is a disease characterized by chronic pain due to disorders of the trigeminal nerve. There are several operations that can be performed for trigeminal neuralgia such as microvascular decompression, gamma knife radiation surgery, or with rhizotomy. All medical procedures have risks that can occur, some of the risks from the procedure include hearing loss, paralysis, numbness in the facial area, infection with wound rhizotomy. surgery, speech disorders, until a stroke occurs.

You should be advised to consult again with the doctor who performed the operation or the ENT specialist to get further examination. Doctors need more complete information, a history of medical records, knowing the types of operations performed to conduct a physical examination directly in order to find out the exact cause of your mother's complaints.

Some things you can do at home include:

Get enough rest and sleep to help with recovery
Avoid using buds or ear buds to clean the ear canal because it will actually push the dirt inside
Consuming nutritious food and drinking enough water approximately 2 liters per day
To reduce pain you can take over-the-counter medicines such as paracetamol

Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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