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Hello, I want to ask, My 5-year-old child has his ear stuffed with his own candle, how do I react to it ?? Thank you.

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Hello V'three,

Toy wax that enters the ear canal is a foreign object that can cause complaints such as ear ringing, hearing loss, ear pain, and trigger infection. Not all foreign objects can be taken alone and if you try to take yourself, it is feared that it can even make foreign objects get inside and more difficult to remove.

The best step that can be done now is to bring your child to the ENT doctor so that the doctor can examine directly and look into your child's ear canal. Next the doctor will take a foreign object using a special tool. After the foreign object is removed, the doctor will look back at the condition of your child's ear canal and determine whether or not additional drugs should be given.

While waiting for the doctor, it is better to keep the child's ear from entering fluids, do not pry the ears with fingers or cotton buds, and give understanding that no objects should enter the ears, nose, and only food that can be eaten.

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