Ear Pain After Irrigation?

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I want to listen to my ear a month ago it hurt then I was in ENT and my ear doctor was irrigated but it still hurt 3 days later the medicine was gone but still sick so I was in ENT which was still irrigated again … gpp, but all now my ears are a bit lacking, but if there is no air, they come out yellow and they don’t smell … I’m afraid of ENT, I’m afraid of irrigation again … but my ears are a bit immune …

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Hello Chie,

Ear irrigation is a doctor's procedure of cleaning the ear canal and earwax. Irrigation is done by using warm water or a saline solution that is sprayed into the ear. Usually the earwax will come out along with the discharge of water from the ear.

After the ear irrigation procedure, it is normal for the ears to feel a little itchy, painful, or slightly clogged. This condition is generally caused by irritation of the ear canal due to wax which is then cleaned. Usually this condition will improve within a few hours to several days. Doctors simply provide painkillers to reduce complaints.

However, if the complaint is felt up to a month after ear irrigation, it is necessary to think about other conditions that cause ear pain complaints accompanied by discharge from the ear, including:

Otitis media
The habit of picking your ears too deep
Swimmer's ear syndrome
Associated with a history of frequent flu and sinusitis
After exposure, the sound is too loud
Stress and anxiety
Drug side effects
History of head injury

The best step you can do at this time is to return to the ENT doctor. If you are not comfortable with the previous doctor, you can consult or seek a second opinion with another ENT doctor. The doctor will examine your ears, nose and throat to find out the cause of your complaint. If you are not comfortable with irrigation, you can discuss this with your ENT doctor. Then the doctor will provide the right treatment for you.

Meanwhile you can do the following tips:

Don't dig your ears too deep
Avoid diving, swimming and as much as possible delay traveling by plane
Take care so that the ear does not get into the fluid
Get enough rest
Avoid exposure to loud noises
Manage stress wisely

The following articles are related to the topic of your question:

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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